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Elevate Your Expression: Let AI Craft Your Business, Educational, and Personal Content.

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AI-Powered writing platform, where

Creativity meets automationContent generation gets easier

Customize templates with AI to craft content that resonates with your audience.

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Expand your responses beyond OpenAI archives. Now you can conduct real-time web searches and receive up-to-date search results from Google.

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Empowers quick text creation, ideal for emails, docs, and chats. By integrating AI directly into any webpage, it simplifies your writing workflow.



Let AI be your brand’s memory bank, capturing and preserving your unique identity effortlessly. With Brand Voice, your distinct voice shines saving you time and guaranteeing consistency in all your content.

Seamless Solutions For Various Platform

Experience the versatility of our offerings with a web app, Chrome extension, and Microsoft add-ins, providing a unified and efficient seamless experience across platforms. We enable you to integrate AI wherever you usually work without leaving your primary application.

Chrome extension

Chrome extension

The ultimate all in one AI typing assistant! Get tweets, translations, emails & much more in an instant, right in your browser like magic. Quick, easy & accurate!

Word Add-in

Word Add-in

Allows to generate text based on the text you have written in your document. You can use it to translate, summarise, polish, or even write a whole document from nothing

Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in

Revolutionize your spreadsheet game with AI in Microsoft Excel. Automate tedious tasks and add a new level of intelligence to your data analysis

Desktop app

Desktop app

Our desktop app harnesses AI, offering dynamic conversations, efficient problem-solving, and personalized assistance, transforming your daily interactions into seamless, intelligent experiences

Top Features

Efficiency Meets Creativity: Explore the Future of Content Creation!

Chat with Documents

Let AI summarize long documents, explain complex concepts, and find key information

AI Powepoint Generator

Use AI to create powerpoint presentations at the speed of thought

Generate Diagram With AI

Transform ideas into visual brilliance: generate diagrams with AI! example: flowchart, sequence diagram, class diagram, state diagram, entity relationship diagram, etc..

Quick AI Templates

Select from 150+ premade templates for various needs: sales, marketing, research, PR, and beyond

Custom Templates (150+)

What can it write
for you?

Blog Titles

Donation Receipt

Media pitch

Article Generator

Content rewriter

Summarize Text

Grammar Checker

Email writing

Write Job Description

Welcome Email

Sales Email

Facebook Ads

Video Descriptions

Company Bio

News Letter Generator

Cover Letter

Reference Letter

Beyond AI: 40+ Web Based Content Tools ⚡

Explore our extensive suite of 40+ web apps, crafted without AI, offering diverse solutions for your needs. From productivity tools to creative platforms, find the right applications for your tasks.







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